Thriller In Miller Boxing team results, IWKBF Commonwealth title recap & MTA state championships

IWKBF Muay Thai Commonwealth title – Battle for the ages

The Fire from the Shire Hugh O’Donnell when to war a couple of weekends ago against unbeaten talent Cruz Briggs from Bondi’s 8 Limbs gym. The fight itself was an absolute cracker, with Hugh’s blistering combination work and Cruz’s well timed pot shots being the narrative of the night, in the end Cruz got the nod from the judges in a close fight and Hugh gained great experience for duelling with a solid opponent, definitely a rematch in 2018 is a must see!

Boxing on Thriller In Miller Show

Last Saturday we had the boxing team on The Thriller in Miller show, this is always one we enjoy going too as Final Round Promotions provide a well run backstage area and challenging match ups. We had Karina “k2” Cardenas Salazar, Ben “the executive” Branch and Jordy Khalil represent Double Dragon, Luke Thompson was also meant to be boxing as well, but his opponent pulled the pin morning of the fight. First up for the team was Ben, he had a great 1st round using his long jab to set up  the right cross and keeping his range, the 2nd & 3rd round saw his opponent pick up the pressure and was first to pull the trigger, in the end Ben lost a points decision but learnt a good lesson on needing to keep the fight at your tempo and distance. Jordy was next to up, this turned out to be good old fashion punch up with both boys trading stiff shots and counters in the pocket, Jordy gas tank was a little better equipped for this style of bout and he claimed a split points win. Last to fight was K2, she was matched against a solid opponent from ACT and this turned out to be a match of who ever stepped back first was going home with the loss, Karina worked her combinations nicely and had your fair share of working over her foe on the ropes and with this the judges awarded her with the decision win. It was also great to see the team come out in numbers to support the fighters and we cannot appreciate this enough.


If you want to hear more detailed breakdown for these fights we have started a Podcast called “Enter The Double Dragon” you can subscribe to us on iTunes or Podcast Addict, we are also available here on Buzzsprout


Muay Thai Australia NSW state Championships

This is an event we are very excited about, MTA is running a state championships this December 8th-10th. We will be sending a decent sized team, hopefully there will be a lot of the other NSW gyms there to compete as the more fights our team gets the better experience they will gather from it. This event will help Australian team selections for the 2018 IFMA world games which will be at Mexico this time around, the last IFMA games were are Belarus where we had two of our own represent Australia and one of them got the bronze medal!



upcoming events for the team: Nov 18th Total Kaos Brisbane, Nov 24th JNI Hurstville, Dec 3rd Grappling Industries Redfern, Dec 8th-10th MTA states Alexandria.

The Tomohawk becomes South Pacific Champ, Commonwealth on the line at Dee Why and The Thriller In Miller is drawing closer

The Tomohawk and K2 are victorious

Both Luke “The Tomohawk” Thompson and Karina “K2” Cardenas Salazar were in fine form Saturday night at Total Impact’s Beach Bash 6. Karina was up first against Hilary from Perth’s Diesel Gym, this was her first Full Thai rules bout (elbows are allowed) a good amount of this fight was in the clinch, were the girls traded knees and tie up positions but “K2” keep racking up the dominant scores and took home the decision win. Luke was the main event of the night, he was ready to take the MASA South pacific full thai rules title but had to go through NZ’s unbeaten Haamiora Grace Parsons from Strikeforce gym, the bout was all about Luke’s beautiful display of Muaythai techniques and Haamiora’s heart and sheer determination to win, “The Tomohawk” won by unanimous decision in the end.

If you wish to hear more about this fight we also started a podcast that breaks down all our fighters performances, also upcoming local and international shows in all combat sports, It’s Called “Enter The Double Dragon Podcast” you can listen here on Buzz sprout or Subscribe to us on Itunes.

Commonwealth Title on Showdown 4

Tomorrow we have “The Fire from The Shire” Hugh O’Donnell against Cruz Briggs from 8 Limbs fighting for WKBF’s Commonwealth full thai rules title, Cruz got flown in from his training camp in Thailand to face our man Hugh who is on a hot streak of wins against the amateur division’s best. This match is Showdown’s main event at Dee Why hotel and we guarantee the fight will be one of 2017’s best!

Thriller In Miller Oct 28th

Next week we have a big team going in Final Round promotions Thriller in Miller boxing show at the Michael Wenden Aquatic center. Luke, Karina, Ben, Jordy and Jono will be representing Team Double Dragon, it’s nice to be able to stay fight active for these young amateurs, as sometimes the Muaythai circuit can have it’s lulls in shows going on and gives the team an opportunity to improve their boxing which in turn will improve their Muaythai. These show are always exciting, so come down and support us on Oct 28th.


New MTA Champ, Chadd Collins Seminar & Beach Bash fight night

MTA title at Siam 2 Sydney

We had “the Fire from the Shire” Hugh O’Donnell on sept 23rd contest for the vacant 69kg MTA (MuayThai Australia)  NSW title under Full Thai rule (includes elbow strikes) against the proven veteran Chris Chapman from Central Coast’s CKO gym. It was a technical back and forth battle which is a different pace from what Hugh usually does, but he adapted well and got the more definitive work done over the 5 rounds making he now the MTA NSW champ! MTA is one of Australia’s most recognized federations as there is one in every state and is linked with WMC (pro federation) and IFMA (Muaythai’s version of the Olympics).

Chadd Collins Seminar Oct 14th

One of Australia’s fastest rising talents Chadd “Shark” Collins is coming to our gym on Oct 14th to do a 2 hour seminar, he fights at 65-67.5kg and has versed elite competitors like Saenchai, Seksan, Pakorn and recently Knockout Raja stadium champ Sanmongkol. We are excited to learn from a Nak muay with such a wealth of experience to freshen up our own repertoire and keep the passion for the art of Muay Thai Strong! Enquire at front desk to save a spot or email us.

Total Impact’s Bash Beach at Waves Nightclub

On the same day as the Chadd Collins Seminar, we head off that night to Towradgi to corner “the Tomohawk” Luke and Karina “K2”. Luke is set to contest for the South pacific full Thai MASA title against a unbeaten NZ prospect and Karina is in a Full Thai bout with a Perth girl hailing from Diesel gym known for producing solid talent. The both of them are fresh after their fights from QLD not too long ago and are riding that momentum in, we are selling tickets at the gym so come along and support the team. Total Impact is know for bringing in exciting fighters from all over Australia/NZ we are always excited to fight on these shows as we can be guaranteed banger match ups!


Upcoming Events – Oct 14th/Chadd Collins Seminar & Beach Bash, Oct 21st/Showdown at Dee Why RSL, Oct 28th/Thriller in Miller at Liverpool, Nov 17th/Brisbane



Success at QLD, Upcoming shows and Girls in Gis comp

Back a couple weeks ago we had Anna from our BJJ program go in the Girls in Gis ladies only comp, it was hosted by King’s Academy in Moorebank run by Elvis Sinosic. Anna did excellent overall and an had made a vast improvement for her first time competing and she even picked up her first win by submission (via Americana), This type of ladies only comp was a great event to encourage more girls to compete in a low pressure environment, gain experience and have fun.

Sept 9th we travelled up to QLD to compete on WAKO’s K1 (kickboxing with knees) nationals championship. Luke, Hugh and Karina got selected to represent NSW. Karina had a the tallest order to serve being in 4 woman bracket, meaning she had to fight twice to win the title, matched in a division two times higher than her usual weight class she was not perturbed at all and won her first bout in a split decision against Erin from Elite QLD and lost the title bout by a close margin in cracker with Lorna from Urban fight Gym QLD. Luke was up next against Wes from Elite in QLD, after established he range he setup a whipping head kick that floored Wes, but being a tough irishman he beat the count got up and fought on until the 2nd round where Luke finally sealed the deal with another head kick to right cross. Hugh was the Co-main event  and put on classy display against the experienced pro fighter Brendan from LHPC in Sydney, he ended up cutting his opponent with a teep to the face, the ref & doctor let it continue but eventually stopped it when “The Fire From The Shire” landed a picture perfect flying knee not to soon after. WAKO ran an excellent event and we look forward to work with them again, also credit to Sharon Richards Photographics for these stellar action shots


Look out for more action as the these three will be jumping in the ring again soon. We got Hugh on this Saturday at Siam 2 Sydney fighting for the prestigious MTA NSW title, then Oct 14th sees Karina jumping in for her first full thai rules fight and Luke looking to be crowned South Pacific MASA champion against a young gun from NZ.  We got tickets for both at the gym, come out support the team and enjoy some high quality action!

Next events coming up: Siam2Sydney sept 23rd, Beach bash Oct 14th, Showdown Oct 21st, Thriller in Miller Oct 28th.


Boxing & upcoming QLD WAKO title trip

Split Duties at BANSW & League Boxing shows

This past Saturday we had the rare opportunity to have fighters on two shows on the same night, something that would be otherwise impossible if we didn’t have an experienced coaching team that we could split up and send to Dapto and Bondi. Luke went out to Dapto’s Ribbonwood centre to have his 2nd amateur boxing with Mick, Steve and Hugh, while Jono also having his 2nd amateur boxing match was paired up with Shane and Rowan out at Bondi Junction RSL. Both boys put in great efforts and showed solid skill sets with Luke taking the a decision win over an experience opponent from Bondi Boxing Club and Jono receiving a close split points loss to a good boxer from SnakeBite boxing. Amateur Boxing is something we are going to be more involved with in the future as we can competitive with some NSW best gyms and it’s always good to develop a good punching game that we can transfer to Muay Thai.

Upcoming WAKO K1 National Titles in Goldcoast

Sept 9th we will be sending a team that consist of Hugh, Luke, Karina, Jono and Ben to Goldcoast for WAKO’s K1 nationals, K1 is a ruleset that emphasis’s the kickboxing and that doesn’t allow elbows, has limited clinching and scores spectacular techniques (that land) like wheel kicks/spinning back fist/flying knees very high. This trip presents a great opportunity for our team to get experience against high level amateurs and even pros from NSW/ACT/QLD/VIC, most of the single matches are going to be title fights but a couple of our fighters are also going to be part of 4 man tournaments to determine the champion in that division. We are looking forward to the great weather in Goldcoast and the exciting matches that await.

Upcoming fight events: Sept 1st AM boxing at Club Punchbowl, Sept 9th K1 at Canungra Hotel, Sept 9th Girls in a Gi BJJ ladies only comp, Sept 16th MTA development day at VT-1 Chatswood, Sept 23rd Siam2Sydney at Mardsen High, Sept 23rd AM boxing at Ramsgate, Oct 14th Beach Bash at Waves Nightclub.



Thriller in Miller Recap, Ribeiro Sydney Inhouse Comp, Next Generation in Toukley & MTA Juniors day

In House Comp at Ribeiro Sydney

27th July our Jiu Jitsu squad was invited to participate to Taren Point’s Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Sydney gym to their In house comp. It’s alway great experience to roll with people you haven’t trained with before to see how well you adapt to new situations and it helps improve your own game in the long run. Turned out to be a great day, as we walked away with 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.


Thriller in Miller Recap

A few days after the in house BJJ comp on the Saturday Luke “the Tomohawk” thompson had his first amateur boxing match at the Thriller in Miller event run by our friends as Final Round Gym. Luke’s original opponent dropped out a week before the match, but there was an opportunity to fill in for the cruiserweight Metropolitan title and we took it with little to no qualms (even though it was short notice) as we are about gaining experience while Muaythai seems to be quiet in Luke’s division, plus his boxing was looking red hot coming up to this. The match went the whole 4 rounds and the Tomohawk seemed to be in control with his jab/right cross combo and not getting hit clean at all, but the judges saw it to be a split decision to the other guy which left us with a lot of questions, we plan to review the fight video and see if it looks different. Other than the decision Luke looked great and plan to get some more boxing in the near future.


Next Generation Fight night

Over the past weekend we travelled to the Beachcomber hotel in Toukley, Next Generation fights lined up Karina “K2″ Cardenas Salazar and Ben”the Executive” Branch with Mod thai rules fights with credible from UTC and Fight Factory (respective). Karina’s fight was her best performance yet with her getting the better of the boxing exchanges and dominant position in the clinch to score with knees, she took the Unanimous decision win. Ben’s Fight was a bit closer with an awkward style opponent, but “The Executive” went about his business of adapting his game on the fly and took home another unanimous decision win.


Muay Thai Australia Junior Development Day

On the Sunday of the same weekend we drove down 5 of our teenage students to our sister gym in Canberra, Phoenix combat sports. This was a day dedicated to learning and safe practise of the art of Muay Thai, sensible nutrition lecture by a registered Dietitian and  an opportunity for all the gyms involved to mix and train together, it was a great day helping coach along side NSW and ACT’s best trainers. Muay Thai Australia which is an non profit federation is taking our sport to the next level by developing the grassroots and aiming to create future olympians by 2024 Paris games, as we are under Olympic recognition and this is the earliest we can be included into the games, so now is the best time more that ever to get everyone involved in the sport and maybe watch someone you know get into the olympic games. Next junior day will mostly be in Sydney we will keep you updated on when.


Upcoming events for the team:

Aug 19th ABA boxing Dapto, Aug 19th League Boxing Bondi, Sept 9th Girls in a Gi BJJ comp, Sept 9th WAKO k1 nationals QLD, Sept 23rd Siam2Sydney Ryde, Oct 14th Bash at the Beach Towradgi


New WKBF South Pacific Champ, Metropolitan Boxing title & Next Generation Fight night

Last weekend we had Hugh “The Tornado” O’Donnell verse Ben “The Rage” Regan for the vacant Amateur South Pacific K1 69kg title. Having previous fought under Mod thai rules before with Hugh taking the decision win, this second encounter would be interesting as there would be no clinching or catching kicks (k1 rules) and both have racked up a decent amount of fights and experience since last time. The first 3 rounds saw the Tornado pull ahead with nice level changing kicks and boxing combos, but the momentum took a serious swing in the 4th round as Regan uncorked a precise right straight which saw Hugh take an 8 count, in the same round though while Regan got overzealous to find the finish he got 1 point deducted for excessive kick catching. The last rounds was close with regan volleying a few big shots, but ended up tiring himself out and Hugh finishing strong and scoring points, at the decision announcement it was The Tornado who took the judges scorecards, but both guys walked away with having one of the best battles at Lion fight night II.

This Saturday Luke “the Tomohawk” Thompson will be having his first boxing fight at The Thriller in Miller IV, After his original opponent pulled out, Luke has stepped in late notice for a shot at the Metropolitan Cruiserweight title. Luke has been looking real sharp with his hands and has for a long time been interested to give boxing a crack, so with the recent string of Muaythai bouts not coming to fruition this seems like a great time to still get fight experience and try something different.

We are in full fight prep at the moment as on August 5th we are travelling to Tourkley at the Beachcomber for Next Generation fight night. We have Karina “K2” Cardenas Salazar and Benjamin Branch going out for Mod Thai matches, both have been making great strides in the gym and we cannot wait to see them show their skills in the ring soon.

MTA Padded Muaythai Day recap and Upcoming South Pacific Title

July 8th we held our first MTA padded Muaythai day and was set to be bigger than any other development we have ever done previously. Menai Indoor Sports Center was the venue, with plenty of parking and quality facilities it was the perfect place to have 25 fights set to go under Modified Thai (no elbows) and Full Thai (elbows allowed) boxing rules. Also, Great Southern Smokers set up their rig in the wee hours of the morning to have brisket/pulled pork burgers ready to serve by the time the matches started.

There was a total of 20 different gyms with 45 fighters all together matched for the day, most of them from Sydney and Wollongong but we also had gyms from as far as Canberra and even Lavington driving in. Double Dragon was represented by Karina “K2” Cardenas Salazar, Kate “KO” O’neil, John Devine, Jack Moses, James Arrowsmith and the return Ali “Big Al” Atoui. We had a great day in the office with 5 wins and 1 decision loss, but no matter what that the outcome something new was learnt and the motivation for everyone to train harder and get better grew after this day!

Special thanks to A-tech Australia for help sponsoring the event making the day was a great success, MTA will be hosting other development days this year at SRG, PTJ and VT-1. We’ll do our one again Feburary 2018.



Our next big event is Hugh “the Tornado” O’Donnell Fighting for the IWKBF South Pacific K1 rules Title at Lions Fight night II on 22nd July, St Mary’s Band Club. Fresh after a little break from his last win (MASA Australian Full Thai rules title), this should be a great fight as he is rematching Ben Regan who Hugh already holds a win over from early in his career, but both have accumulated a lot more experience since then and we expect to see a close contest of savvy technique and indomitable wills over the set 5 rounds.