Victory at Muaythai fight night, New Jiujitsu classes added and Brisbane bound

On the 17th August we had Karina “Latina Heat” Cardenas Salazar fight for MASA NSW state title and Dion “The Detonator” Beattie make his Pro debut. Karina’s fight would be her first time doing 5 rounds and was a great experience to get her game going over the longer distance. She did great applying a devastating low kick game and clinch control, Karina becomes one of Double Dragon’s female champions in a long while and proves inspiration to other girls train to their full potential. Dion would make his pro debut on this show, getting rid of the pads from amateurs that suits his game better. He skilfully picked his shots finding success with kicks and strong elbow strikes, in the 2nd round he saw opportunity in a missed kick and spun in a back elbow that cleaned knocked out his opponent. It was a great night for the team and look forward to the rest of the year with more stellar fights coming up.

Jiujitsu is fast becoming one of our most popular classes which is lead by our Black belt instructor Trent Laurance. We offer classes for 5-14 yrs 5pm Tuesday, Thursday and 9am Saturday, our Teens (15+ yrs)/Adults class classes run 6pm Mon-Thurs and Saturday 10am-11.30am. We just recently added 6Pm Wednesdays to give more options to training during the week and to accommodate the popularity of the classes. If you are interested in Learning a martial art with emphasis on how to control a larger opponent that gets you fit and is fun to practice, book a free trial class (click here) 


This Friday we have our Pro Muay thai fighter Hugh “The Fire from the Shire” O’Donnell competing in Brisbane on one of Australia’s premier Muaythai shows, Eruption Muaythai. He takes on the uprising QLD star Cory Still from the reputable Strike Force gym, in what will a battle of skills and not one to miss, the fight will be streamed via Live Combat Sports, we’ll post the link on Friday. If you want more background info on this card before seeing it, the guys did a podcast on it which you can listen to HERE