MNSW development day success

MNSW development day at Double Dragon

This past Saturday we held an MNSW development day. These events are a novice padded Muay Thai fight show with MNSW officials and a doctor overseeing the bouts to ensure all the combatants safety, we ended up having 17 matches this day with 4 of those matches being our own students. Luke Taylor, Blake Ibbett, Mitch Pepper and Jesse May represented the gym and all of them came away with the win. Mitch was first up for the team and he versed another fighter from Warpath also having his first development day experience, Mitch used good control of his space through checking his opponent’s hands and whipping head kicks and started to pick his boxing placement nicely, he got a decision win. Next was Jesse jumping into his first ever bout and so was his opponent from JWK, both boys stung each other with low kicks and overheads, this was a very close fight and the judges saw Jesse do enough especially in the clinch with knees to take the win. the third person we had fight for us was Blake and this would be his second Development day, his opponent from Supafit was keen to get into it and from the bell the boys went at it. Halfway through the first round as this opponent rushed in and Blake caught him with a short hook and floored him, thankfully the referee after the 8 count noticed he didn’t have full control of his faculties and waved the bout off, making Blake the victor. This was a great display of MNSW officiating showing the development of the athletes comes first and ensuring no one gets absolutely demolished. Last fighter for us and also of the event was Luke, he is the most experienced of the 4 with two development days and one amateur bout under his belt, he versed a fellow fighter from SRG, who always produced talented athletes. This bout went the whole 3 rounds with Luke in the end taking the points win with boxing mixed with kick feints when his opponent stymied his kick game with catch and sweeps, also Luke showed a calculated clinch game scoring well with knees and off balancing. It was a awesome result for the team going 4 from 4 against stiff competition, this is the by product of setting goals and putting the hard work in with the team.

Fights coming up

Make sure to save these dates in your calendar! We have Karina “Latina Heat” Cardenas Salazar fighting of a state title and Dion “The Detonator” Beattie making his pro debut, this will be on Jez promotions out at Bonnyrigg on August 17th. Tickets will be for sale soon at the gym make sure to come support. August 30th, Hugh “The Fire from the Shire” O’Donnell will start making big waves in the pro rankings by fighting the skilled Cory stills from Strikeforce on Eruption Muaythai in Brisbane, catch the livestream on that one, follow eruption on facebook for more info. Then it’s count down to the hometown show Fire In The Shire 4! Oct 12th, hopefully we’ll have a the whole team on that show fighting opponents from all around the country.