Another Successful Fight team tryout

Fitness Assessment and Fight team tryouts

Ever 6 months we hold these Fitness assessments and fight team tryouts for our Muaythai team to keep our current roster of fighters on their game and also for people who are interested to get into the ring to see where their base fitness is at and gauge if they are physically ready to start prepping for at least a entry level of competing like a MNSW development day bout. We had 14 people on this day, with a good mixture with one of our Pro fighters, a bunch of our Amateurs, people looking to have their first fight soon and some purely there for the fitness challenge. These assessments are great, the coaching staff get to see everyone’s individual levels in Power, Power endurance, Strength Endurance, cardio capacity and also striking specific general fitness. We record all the results and put them into graphs to see where the average lays and gives everyone feedback on what areas they need more time to improve on to make them the best athlete and in turn make them a better competitor. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean it replaces drilling, padwork and sparring, it’s just to give the student’s a guide on what to work on outside of their practise session. After 3 hours of testing it was a successful assessment with no one pulling the pin, as our goal is challenge your limits, not to drive them past the point of exhaustion. It looks like we are closing out 2019 strong!

July 27th MNSW Development Day

We are holding another cracker MNSW development on July 27th and looking to put out a strong team consisting of: Luke Taylor, Blake Ibbett, Mitch Pepper and Jesse May. These events are novice level fully padded bouts to help gain valuable ring experience with as minimal injury as possible and proper MNSW officials overseeing the matches. It’s a great starting point for people looking to compete and eventually progress to the big shows like Fire in the Shire, Siam2sydney and Yokkao next generation. Members of the gym, come support the boys and also have a look how these events are run if you are interested in doing one in the near future.