MNSW development day and Win at NORTHS leagues club

MNSW Development Day

Once again we were the first gym of the year to hold Muaythai NSW’s (MNSW) Muaythai development day. This Novice padded fight days have really bought up the rising level of talent across NSW by giving students the opportunity to have in-ring fight experience with proper Refs, Judges and doctor present to get the feel and confidence to maybe one day step out on one of the big fight promotions. We had 6 fighters this day; Luke Taylor, Brodee McGovern, Bonita Chidac, Rick Tang, Blake Ibbett and Kai Weate-jones representing the gym. Bonita was up first against a girl from PTJ gym both of them went into a back and forth war trading kicks and battling in the clinch with Bonita securing the points win. Next was Brodee matched up with a solid opponent from VT1, Brodee had his moments with nice low kicks and clinching, but ultimately his foe was a bit too crafty and he won the decision, some of the best lessons are learnt in defeat and we know Brodee will growth into a better student from this. “Liverkick” Rick was next paired up with a stout fighter from King’s Academy, both men made this bout super exciting with the crowd worked up into a frenzy, there was huge kicks that took them both off their feet, hard knees in the clinch and single shot bombs slung from their hands and after 3 rounds of action Rick’s hand was raise in the air by the ref. Blake was the next one up, he had drawn a large opponent from Bulldog Castlehill. Straight off the bat Blake established his Left straight and Low kick stunning his opponent multiple times and almost stopping him in the final moments but the time , he came away with a clear win. Luke Taylor was in the ring next against a JWK student, Luke’s style is composed and sleek with great counter shot sense, He took a clean decision win. Lastly, we had our most experienced member of the squad fight in the last bout of the day, 16 year old Kai with this being his 6th development day bout. He rematched the first other junior he ever fought, Luc from SFS and this one showed great improvements in Muaythai technique from Kai from their last bout, with him taking a points win. It was a great day of fights with 14 bouts in totally with gyms from all over NSW attending, the next MNSW development day is going to be at SRG gym in Alexandria March 30th.

Amateur Boxing at NORTHS

On the same day as our MNSW padded event later that evening, the coaching team headed into NORTHS leagues for Sydney’s Fight Leagues Pro/Am  boxing event, where Luke “T-Bone” Thompson was matched up with Dakota from Tasmanian’s Tiger den boxing. The bout was high paced for the 91+kg fellas but Luke got a bead on his left hooks to the head and body early and used nice footwork to get himself in advantageous positions for all three rounds, he was the clear cut winner in the end.

Up next for the Double Dragon fight team: March 16th Punch on at Ports Leagues/Luke thompson Illawarra title fight, March 30th MNSW Development day at SRG, Best of the Best Boxing/ Luke Thompson NSW title fight, April 27th Fire in the Shire at Sharks Leagues.