Recap of Fire in the Shire 2 and Luke’s two boxing fights in one weekend

Fire in the Shire 2

Oct 13th marked the second show for our local based Muaythai fight show, Fire in the Shire. It was a bigger attended event compared to the first show and the action for superb, we had 7 fighters of out own representing the gym on this night. First up with John Devine he was up against Joshua from Ace Muaythai in Port Macquarie, the fight was fast and furious seeing both men emptying their gas tanks before the third round, but in the end Joshua took the points win with a few big scores. Next in the ring was Kate “KO” O’neil, she was up against Holli from Warpath martial arts, both girls went at it but Kate’s low kicks and right hand found their mark consistently and his secure the points win for her. Laura Cave had a big task ahead with taking on NZ rising talent Roezala from Auckland MMA, most of this fight was fought in the clinch and Laura scored well with knees, elbows and breaking Roezala’s posture and it gave her the Points win. Jordan Khalil was the next fella going over the top ropes against Rhys from Nova martial arts, Jordan was scoring well in the first round and the second was going the same until a well timed head kick floored Jordan and like a true warrior he got up and  recovered to finished the rest of the fight but losing on the judges scorecards. Ben “the executive” Branch was matched with tough QLD’r Luke from Snake pit Muaythai, this was an extremely close fight with Luke blitzing Ben in the early parts of the round and Ben finishing strong each round, the judges ultimately saw the fight for Luke from QLD and we hope to do this match again in the future. The first of our two pro matches we had Jonothon towers take on short notice replacement Matthew from ALL sorts Wong, but boys went to war with Jono slamming in low kicks and Matt throw heavy leather, but after two rounds Jono have taking too much damage and we waved off the fight making sure he can fight another day. Last up and the main event for the show was Hugh “The Fire from the Shire” O’Donnell taking on Andy “The Spinning Dragon”Robertson of Bull Muaythai in Thailand, Hugh got to work early with the low kick and it made it’s impact known as Andy succumbed to a 8 counts in the second round from them until eventually the ref waved off the match as he could not stand without getting knock down again. We are super proud of all out fighters performance on this show as no one on our team gets easy matches up, this ensures we get the best out of them in training leading up to the fight night.




Luke Thompson takes matches in NSW & VIC in one weekend

Luke Thompson is finding some nice form in his amateur boxing career, having only 1 loss in 10 bouts. a couple weekends ago he fought at Parramatta RSL on the friday in a rematch against Christian from team Savva, Luke again got the decision win but this time took way less damage using footwork and head movement. On Sunday, Hugh and himself flew down to Victoria to the Werribee Italian sports club to take on the experienced John Figota at the Golden Gloves tournament. John was a tough southpaw, but Luke adjusted quickly and took the decision making him the 91+kg Golden Gloves champion.


If you want to hear a full recount of fire in the shire and both of Luke’s fights listen to the coaches podcast Enter the Double Dragon *HERE* on Episode 33 is the iTunes link or listen them on Spotify and all other podcast platforms.