Boxing, Podcasting and Fire in the Shire

Luke Thompson at Sydney Fight League

Our resident heavy fella Luke “T-Bone” Thompson who only this year made the switch to amateur boxing, stepped into the ring for the 6th time since the start of the year (not including his muaythai fights) at Norths leagues club a week ago Friday. He was matched up with Christian Balzar of Boxing Works who used to do Muaythai himself, funnily enough Christian (like Luke) injured his knee and made the switch to boxing as well. The fight itself was contested mainly up close, where you saw Christian trying to use his size advantage and bussle T-Bone around, while Luke was shifting his angles and capitalising on small openings with short hooks. At the end of the 3 round affair Luke had his hand raised and on Oct 19th these two are set to match up again, we’ll see who did their homework and if this rematch will be a repeat or an entirely different fight.

Get to know our coaches through the Podcast

If you don’t know already we have a podcast that is run by Head coach Shane, BJJ coach Trent and juniors coach/pro fighter Hugh. It’s called “Enter The Double Dragon Podcast”, they have been getting a lot of guest on lately, but in particular they recent had Coach Steve Austen on where they talked about coaching the younger students and how doing something like martial arts promotes better not only better physicality but self esteem that will transfer into life by having the mental fortitude to achieve goals and be more out going. Then only this past weekend they had the OG Mick Spinks in with one of his most talented fighters from back in the day, former K1/MMA star Ian Schaffa. They shared stories from their many travels to Japan to fight Mega stars like Kid Yamato, Masato and Genki Sudo, and also how Ian transitioned from being a Pro fighter to now running his help feed the homeless drive “Street Buffet” and owning his own cleaning business while being a family man. Click the iTunes links below for each episode and be should to subscribe, rate and review them, but also check them out on Spotify and all other podcast platforms that suit you.

Coach Steve Austen Interview click here

Mick Spinks and Ian Schaffa Interview click here


Less than two weeks left until return of Fire in The Shire

We are in count down mode for our great local show “Fire in The Shire”, officiated by Muaythai NSW this event is guaranteed to be a night of action pack Muaythai with our team consisting for John Devine, Kate O’neil, Jordy Khalil, Laura Cave, Ben Branch in the amateurs and making their pro debuts we got Jonothon Towers and Hugh O’Donnell set to make waves on Saturday Oct 13th. We have tickets at the front desk so please support the show and get you and your friends a few and be prepared to have a cracker of a night!