MNSW development day at the Gym

MNSW Development Day

We held another MNSW development day in the gym on Saturday. For those of you  doesn’t know what that is, it’s a day of entry level fights to get valuable ring experience in the sport of Muaythai. Each competitor wears shin pads, 16oz gloves, head gear, elbow pads and a light chest protector that is quite similar the gear used in the IFMA world games (check back on our blog post of Luke’s IFMA silver medal run HERE). These development days have been paramount to the ever building NSW scene of Muaythai and from these padded fight events they have help create solid up and coming fighters, like our Pros fighters Luke Thompson and Hugh O’Donnell have gotten their start here.

On this day we had Kate O’neil, Kai Weate Jones and Chris Meyers jump over the ropes for Team Double Dragon. Kate had a solid fight with a girl from SRG with a size advantage, it was a back and forth affair with a lot of the fight done in the clinch trading knees, in the end the judges saw it in favour of Kate and it was a good win to have after a bit of a lay off from her last bout.

Next we had Kai who is now competing pretty regularly, this marked his 4th bout this year. He was pitted against another experienced junior from Nova martial arts, the fight was a very technical as Kai was managing the battle while on the back foot and used a stifling clinch game and his opponent used good boxing and forward pressure, this fight was super close but the judges saw it in favour of the Nova representative and Kai takes away valuable experience on keeping the score up on his side in this close one.

Up last for our team was Chris, this also was another junior bout with his opponent hailing from Shirudo Martial arts. Chris was in the same position as Kate as his opponent had a bit of a size advantage but on these padded events it tends to be not too steep of an advantage compared to not padded fights. Both fellas went at it landing big shots throughout the fight, Chris was working a solid right hand and Rib kick game, while his opponent put together great combinations and had handy trips in the clinch. At the end of the bout the boy from Shirudo had his hand raised, but the fight itself was very competitive and Chris did himself proud  having his 3rd bout of the year taking his 1st loss on this day.

Overall the whole event ran well, with 17 total fights. We may have even beat the fastest event run, held previous set by PTJ! But we’ll wait for the offical call later on. This couldn’t of happened without the volunteer work of  the Karinas (Laurance and Cardenas Salazar) who worked the front door ticketing and time keeping, Steve Austen for being the backstage Marshal making sure all fighters had their gear on ready before their fights and the kept them to schedule without delay, Hugh O’Donnell for warming up our fighters and cornering the juniors as well. Please keep support these events, the next one is going to be held at VT1 gym in chatswood August 25th.

If you want to hear a more detailed breakdown of the MNSW event listen to Enter the Double Dragon podcast’s latest episode either HERE on desktop or subscribe to them on iTunes, Spotify or any mainstream podcast platforms