Luke’s IFMA run & Upcoming Fights shows in Adelaide and QLD

Luke’s IFMA Games Campaign

Luke “the Tomahawk” Thompson recently went over to Cancun, Mexico to represent Australia at the IFMA games, also our own head coach Rowan was also able to accompany as an assistant coach for the Australian team. For those who doesn’t know what the IFMA games are it’s held in a different country every year and is Muaythai’s version of the Olympics where experienced professional and amateur competitors are selected through regional and national competitions to represent their homeland on the world stage. There is B-grade and A-grade levels at IFMA, B-grade is use headgear, cotton shin pads, elbow guards and chest protector, while A-grade just don’t use the chest protector, both levels are done under Full Thai rules. Even though they are padded events, you get some of the world’s best professionals fight here, like this year’s 71kg A-grade final was Andrei Kubelin of Belarus¬† who is listed on Wikipedia has having 95 pro fights and 115 amateur fights versed Yodwicha Por Boonsit of Thailand who is listed as 225 pro fights on wikipedia also, Yodwicha walked away with a classy win.

This will mark Luke’s second time at IFMA, his first time was was 2017 in Belarus where he walked away with the bronze medal, he won against India by TKO in the quarter finals and lost against turkey (and the eventual Gold medalist) in close points decision. This year was a smaller bracket as Luke was set to go straight into the Semi-finals, his first match was Lucas Allsina from Argentina who holds a respectable pro record that spans globally. Luke won the match by dominant points decision, but in doing so sustained a bad injury to his knee from a not quite by the rule book throw from Allsina, Luke still wishing to continue in the tournament and was confident he could still be competitive for the Gold medal match decided to battle through. In the finals, it was Oscar from USA who beat Mexico in the semis to get the opportunity to contend. The match was close with Luke showing better hand skills and active clinching, a Oscar countered by using teeps and pot shots, in the end Oscar got his hand raised and Luke’s knee held up the whole fight only for it to give away once he thanked his opponent for the match. Luke is now back home with a Silver medal and his leg seems to be ok but needs further looking at. Also, our friends at Phoenix gym we there too with Zoe, Daniel and Jared making the team selection. Zoe also Silver Medaled beating Finalnd, USA and then losing on points against Russia in the finals. Thank you to Anthony Manning, Corey Impelmans and Peter Boyd for looking after the Australian team and also thank you to A-tech Australia for sponsoring Luke and Rowan to go to Mexico.

If you want to hear about the breakdown of Luke’s fights by the Enter the Double Dragon Podcast crew click on this link: Episode 18


Adelaide: Knees of Fury

This Saturday we got Hugh O’Donnell and Dion Beattie fighting at one of Australia’s most established shows, Knees of Fury run by Ethan Shepp. The boys are the main event, with Dion taking on Trent Spacie in a Full thai rules affair over 5 rounds and Hugh face off Mathew Stevens for the IKBF Australian Mod Thai title. The lads have both been in good form and are more than ready to represent NSW Muaythai in the City of Churches. it’s going to be a 70’s theme to celebrate their 70th show to date, look out for the our coaching staff to be dressed up in the corner.

Queensland: WAKO nationals

We are racking up these frequent flyer miles as we are heading to the Goldcoast for WAKO nationals June 2nd, Ben Branch with be looking to get back in action after having a bit of a break. WAKO is similar to IFMA where Professionals and Amateurs compete together in padded event, but they use K1 style of rules, Which is kickboxing with knees allowed, no kick catching or elbows permitted and limited use of clinching. They also hold a World games each year in a different country, you find a lot of the competitors that fight in IFMA also fight at the WAKO world games and this is how many of the European countries especially have gigantic records and are super formidable opponents just through sheer volume of competition. With the inclusions for MTA States and Nationals for IFMA selection, hopefully WAKO can get a NSW states event in conjunction with their Nationals event happening soon and all fighters can benefit from getting more fight experience.