New Classes added to our Kids/Teens programs & Luke in Mexico at IFMA games

New Little Dragons Kung fu class and Parents express boxing

We are few weeks into the 2nd term on this year, The kids and teens classes are constantly growing and producing very competent martial artists. Our Little Dragons KungFu class (5-8 year olds) we have added a Friday 4.15pm class to help accommodate for the growing numbers in the classes and also for some of the keen students more days to come in and train. So with Little Dragons now on Mon/Wed/Fri we have also added a Parents express boxing at the same times as Little Dragons this gives the Parents an opportunity to train while the kids are in class! It’s only 30 mins long and you get to learn the basics of boxing while getting fitter, no fitness level or previous boxing experience required and we supply the gear if you need.


New After School Kung FU Class

Afterschool Kung fu (8 year olds and up) has also got a new class added too, we are starting a Saturday class at 11am. The beauty of Martial arts compared to other sports your children may play on the weekend is training is on rain, hail or shine, it also holds a far lower injury rate than other contact and ball sports with all the benefits of learning coordination, building confidence, getting fitter and interacting positively with people. Below is statistics from the Australian institute of Health and Welfare study in to Australian sports Injury hospitalisations in 2011-2012, we fall into the Combative sports category lumped in with boxing, MMA and other martial arts. As you can see we only make up 1.8% of the total injury rate compared to the top five sports injuries that result in hospitalisation AFL, Soccer, cycling, motor sports and football sports is a whopping 40.4%. We pride ourselves in our thorough kids/teens martial arts curriculum which progresses students systemically into more contact work (always done with padded personal protection) when they show the skills necessary to be able to do it with control and no excepts before that. Please ask our coaches for a run down of the curriculum if you have any queries.


The Tomahawk goes to Mexico

Our Cruiserweight fighter Luke “The Tomahawk” Thompson and Coach Rowan have landed safely in Cancun, Mexico with the rest of the AUS team for the IFMA games. These world games in the Olympics of Muaythai where the best amateurs and pro thaiboxers around the world are invited to compete against one another to see who ends up on the winner’s podium after 10 days of fighting competition. Luke got to represent AUS last year and got the Bronze, plus he was the only Australian to medal that year. This year after getting gold at the MTA nationals he gets to represent again and looks even better this time around with a solid year of top level fights under his belt, we would like to take this opportunity to thank A-Tech Australia for sponsoring Luke and Rowan to go to this prestigious event, even though Luke earned the right to participate each athlete has to fund the trip/accommodation on his own money. So having a great sponsor like A-tech is the only way we can live this opportunities. Luke’s first fight is on May 16th and hopefully we will have a link to post on our facebook of the bout.


Upcoming coming events for Team Double Dragon: May 26th Knees of Fury/Adelaide, June 9th Jez fight night/Bonnyrigg