Play by plays from the Muaythai team’s outings at MTA development day and War on the North Shore

Development day at VT -1

March 24th we headed out to Vt-1 gym in Chatwoods with a team of 3 fighters to take part in another MTA development day. We had Karina Laurance, John Devine and young Kai weate-jones matched up for Muaythai action. First up was Kai (16 year olds) versing an heavier 18 year old from Langes’s MMA, which was agreed upon in advance which is all good, Kai had a great show in composure and scoring well with damaging Thai techniques but not with out having to deal with barrages from his opponent, in the end Kai won on points. Next up was John Devine (who is actually a teacher at the same school as Kai), he was matched with a solid fella from Carioti MMA and it turned out to be one of the most entertaining fights of the day, John showed a strong kick and sweep game and both men traded lancing right hands throughout the bout, John got the nod from the judges. Karina was up last and was set to fight a girl from VT-1 on her home turf, it was a back and forth battle of kicks and clinching, after the final bell rung the judges saw it in favor of her opponent, but everyone that trains up and jumps in on these development days are winners in our eyes as it takes a lot of courage that a majority of people don’t have to step in the ring and try out your craft against an resisting opponent. MTA again produced another great day for novice competitors to cut their teeth in competition without sustaining major damage.

War on the North shore

Friday April 6th was were on one of Sydney’s most established fight shows War on the North Shore, run by Nick Stone. It’s always a well run show with good match ups. Karina Cardenas Salazar was set up in a 4 women tournament with other NSW standouts in Lara Aloha from Bulldog Manly, Jennie Sung from PTJ and Tylisha Turner from UTC. After a random draw Karina got Tylisha first up (both have fought each other before, Karina took the win then), This fight went the distance, the first round Tylisha looked sharp while Karina was figuring out her range, second round was a toss up but Karina was finding her hands and clinch distance and Tylisha slapped a few kicks here and there, then the third round Karina owned it with a boxing combos and a stifling clinch game. The judges saw it for Tylisha unfortunately and she advanced into the finals. On the other side Lara took a close decision against Jennie and in the finals Lara completely shut down Tylisha with excellent clinching and knees, making her the champion of the night. Also this night we also had Dion Beattie against a the big unit Dan from Bulldog Manly, it was a lively affair with Dion putting together nice combos from head to body and vice versa and this opponent getting a few huge throws, Dion got the unanimous decision win. Last up was young Jack Moses making his amateur debut against another young gun from Machai Fairtex with 1 fight under his belt, Jack used very nice kicks and piercing knees in the clinch to steal away a split decision win.

Upcoming Events for the team: MTA development day at SMT Campbelltown April 28th, Knees of Fury Adelaide May 26th, WAKO nationals Goldcoast June 2nd.