Teams results from Siam 2 Sydney

Siam 2 Sydney: Hugh’s title defence & Laura’s big show debut

March 10th we had Hugh and Laura on one of NSW’s premier Muaythai show’s Siam2Sydney. This show is actually where Hugh made his leap onto the big show stage and now it was Laura’s turn to do the same. Even though she has fought in Thailand, it’s a different ballgame seeing your friends and family in the crowd supporting you, plus the tempo can be a lot more frantic and high pace in the west compared to local stadium shows in Thailand. Laura’s Opponent (Sarah) from CKO where meant to meet at Fire in the Shire but CSA problems lead to it being cancelled on the night, luckily the girl were matched up again on this card quickly.From the start Laura came out strong and the girls got to trading big right hands straight away, in the later half of the fight Laura changed the game up to getting the kicks going and this cinched the decision in the end, as damage on both ends was pretty even, but Laura’s use of Thai techniques is what got her over the line. It was a competitive fight and these girls will no doubt meet again at some stage.

Headlining the amateur card before the pros was Hugh defending his MTA state title against Dan Marshall from¬†Phoenix gym in ACT. Phoenix and Double Dragon share a long history as their head coach/owner Anthony Manning trained and fought under Mick Spinks for a time and we go there for sparring often as they always raise elite talent. But we had to postpone any training with each other for a while as these two had to meet at MTA nationals (Dan won a split decision in January) and now again at Siam2Sydney. Not ideal for us to be match up with Phoenix on the regular but this is to be expected from two of the best schools on the east coast of Australia. The fight itself was high paced and showcased by Hugh’s low kicks and lead leg feints versus Dan’s Rib kicks and forward pressure. In the end Hugh took the win which splits them both 1 win each against each other, will there be a trilogy? Time will tell.

Overall Siam2Sydney always puts a great production getting eyes on NSW’s best talent and also bringing in legit contenders for interstate. We are always excited to be on their shows.

Boxing this weekend

This Saturday we have split duties in amateur boxing, with Luke Thompson going to Goulburn to an BANSW boxing event and Karina Cardenas Salazar of an league boxing exhibition match as we could not get a proper match after 3 opponents dropped out. An exhibition match is pretty much getting in front of a crowd and sparring which is good to do to get comfortable in front of crowds fighting but the result will be always a draw with controlled contact.


Next events for the Team: March 17th Goulburn BANSW boxing/Kemps creek league boxing, March 24th MTA development day at VT1, April 6th war on the North shore Muaythai.