Recap of Fire in the Shire event, Short notice boxing fight & Upcoming Siam 2 Sydney Title defence

Fire In The Shire Fight Night

Feb 17th finally saw Muaythai return to the Sutherland Shire finally! There hasn’t been a event for Thai boxing here since Mick Spinks use to promote them back in the 90s. This event was quite spectacular, the lighting and music made a pumped atmosphere without being too gawdy or leaving your ears ringing, the fights were well matched up as each bout was highly competitive ensuring fast action that everyone enjoyed. On our end we had 6 people matched up, unfortunately if was cut down to 5 as a miscommunication leading up to the night between the promoters and the NSW Sports commission saw our girl Laura and her opponent missed out on being able to compete, luckily our friends at Siam 2 Sydney were kind enough to make that fight happen on their show March 10th (but more on that later). First up though we had Dion Beattie, he put on a class performance and showed his versatility in both orthodox and southpaw stance and took home a Decision win. Next was Jono Towers fighting up a couple division from his usually weight class, but he put a valiant effort in and made the fight entertaining, only to be on the wrong side of a decision in the end. Jordy Khalil was our next guy in and showed a much improved clinch game scoring some nice throws which complimented his overall striking game, he won the decision. On to the main events with “The Fire from the Shire” Hugh O’Donnell in a clash of AUS v NZ in the form of  the talented Jordan Forlong who has a good dose of international competition experience from the New Zealand’s champion stable, House of Pain. This was a battle of Jordan’s heavy hitting salvos and Hugh’s Precision kicking game, when the score cards were read it was our guy Hugh getting his hand raised. In the Final match of the night was a high anticipated rematch between Luke “Tomahawk” Thompson versus Billy McAlees from Boxing Works, last time Billy won against Luke in the finals of one of the many famous War on the North shore 4 Man tournaments, but this time was going to be different, Luke met Billy’s heavy hitting style by making him work in close quarters through a top notch clinch game and not hanging in the ranges that make Billy a very dangerous opponent. Luke’s hand was raised and remains NSW MTA cruiserweight champion.


Amateur Boxing Fenech Fight at Five Dock

Fresh off his win On Fire in the Shire, Luke wanted to do some boxing again. Nothing was coming up in his weight class, but at the last moment we were offered a match against an experienced opponent clocking in at 110kg, 15kg above Luke’s weight. But The Tomahawk was game and keen to try out his footwork, so we accepted the match. it ended up being a great match of technique and speed versus brawn. Luke came away with the Win.


Siam 2 Sydney March 10th

This Saturday we have Hugh back in the ring to defend his MTA junior Middleweight title against Dan Marshall from Phoenix gym, these guys have trained together in the past before and met in MTA nationals earlier this year with Dan taking the closest of Split decisions, this time Hugh is bringing something new to the table and looking to retain his title. Also we have Laura Cave matched up with this fight she was meant to have on Fire in the Shire, so she got extra time to train which is always a positive. We still got tickets in the gym so come along and support the team!

Upcoming events for the team: March 10th Siam2Sydney Muaythai, March 17th Boxing, April 6th War on on the north shore Muaythai.