Boxing & upcoming QLD WAKO title trip

Split Duties at BANSW & League Boxing shows

This past Saturday we had the rare opportunity to have fighters on two shows on the same night, something that would be otherwise impossible if we didn’t have an experienced coaching team that we could split up and send to Dapto and Bondi. Luke went out to Dapto’s Ribbonwood centre to have his 2nd amateur boxing with Mick, Steve and Hugh, while Jono also having his 2nd amateur boxing match was paired up with Shane and Rowan out at Bondi Junction RSL. Both boys put in great efforts and showed solid skill sets with Luke taking the a decision win over an experience opponent from Bondi Boxing Club and Jono receiving a close split points loss to a good boxer from SnakeBite boxing. Amateur Boxing is something we are going to be more involved with in the future as we can competitive with some NSW best gyms and it’s always good to develop a good punching game that we can transfer to Muay Thai.

Upcoming WAKO K1 National Titles in Goldcoast

Sept 9th we will be sending a team that consist of Hugh, Luke, Karina, Jono and Ben to Goldcoast for WAKO’s K1 nationals, K1 is a ruleset that emphasis’s the kickboxing and that doesn’t allow elbows, has limited clinching and scores spectacular techniques (that land) like wheel kicks/spinning back fist/flying knees very high. This trip presents a great opportunity for our team to get experience against high level amateurs and even pros from NSW/ACT/QLD/VIC, most of the single matches are going to be title fights but a couple of our fighters are also going to be part of 4 man tournaments to determine the champion in that division. We are looking forward to the great weather in Goldcoast and the exciting matches that await.

Upcoming fight events: Sept 1st AM boxing at Club Punchbowl, Sept 9th K1 at Canungra Hotel, Sept 9th Girls in a Gi BJJ ladies only comp, Sept 16th MTA development day at VT-1 Chatswood, Sept 23rd Siam2Sydney at Mardsen High, Sept 23rd AM boxing at Ramsgate, Oct 14th Beach Bash at Waves Nightclub.