Thriller in Miller Recap, Ribeiro Sydney Inhouse Comp, Next Generation in Toukley & MTA Juniors day

In House Comp at Ribeiro Sydney

27th July our Jiu Jitsu squad was invited to participate to Taren Point’s Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Sydney gym to their In house comp. It’s alway great experience to roll with people you haven’t trained with before to see how well you adapt to new situations and it helps improve your own game in the long run. Turned out to be a great day, as we walked away with 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.


Thriller in Miller Recap

A few days after the in house BJJ comp on the Saturday Luke “the Tomohawk” thompson had his first amateur boxing match at the Thriller in Miller event run by our friends as Final Round Gym. Luke’s original opponent dropped out a week before the match, but there was an opportunity to fill in for the cruiserweight Metropolitan title and we took it with little to no qualms (even though it was short notice) as we are about gaining experience while Muaythai seems to be quiet in Luke’s division, plus his boxing was looking red hot coming up to this. The match went the whole 4 rounds and the Tomohawk seemed to be in control with his jab/right cross combo and not getting hit clean at all, but the judges saw it to be a split decision to the other guy which left us with a lot of questions, we plan to review the fight video and see if it looks different. Other than the decision Luke looked great and plan to get some more boxing in the near future.


Next Generation Fight night

Over the past weekend we travelled to the Beachcomber hotel in Toukley, Next Generation fights lined up Karina “K2″ Cardenas Salazar and Ben”the Executive” Branch with Mod thai rules fights with credible from UTC and Fight Factory (respective). Karina’s fight was her best performance yet with her getting the better of the boxing exchanges and dominant position in the clinch to score with knees, she took the Unanimous decision win. Ben’s Fight was a bit closer with an awkward style opponent, but “The Executive” went about his business of adapting his game on the fly and took home another unanimous decision win.


Muay Thai Australia Junior Development Day

On the Sunday of the same weekend we drove down 5 of our teenage students to our sister gym in Canberra, Phoenix combat sports. This was a day dedicated to learning and safe practise of the art of Muay Thai, sensible nutrition lecture by a registered Dietitian and  an opportunity for all the gyms involved to mix and train together, it was a great day helping coach along side NSW and ACT’s best trainers. Muay Thai Australia which is an non profit federation is taking our sport to the next level by developing the grassroots and aiming to create future olympians by 2024 Paris games, as we are under Olympic recognition and this is the earliest we can be included into the games, so now is the best time more that ever to get everyone involved in the sport and maybe watch someone you know get into the olympic games. Next junior day will mostly be in Sydney we will keep you updated on when.


Upcoming events for the team:

Aug 19th ABA boxing Dapto, Aug 19th League Boxing Bondi, Sept 9th Girls in a Gi BJJ comp, Sept 9th WAKO k1 nationals QLD, Sept 23rd Siam2Sydney Ryde, Oct 14th Bash at the Beach Towradgi