Kickboxing and Muay Thai

Kickboxing is a modern martial art involving stand up punching and kicking and is generally performed with boxing gloves on the hands. It is a great form of self defence and fitness, and one of the most popular martial arts on offer at Double Dragon.

Our love affair with kickboxing dates back to the very beginning of the sport in Australia, and we’ve been training beginners through to world champions for over 30 years. More advanced students can also learn the art of Muay Thai (Thai boxing), which along with punches and kicks, also involves knees, elbows and stand up grappling. Head over to our Timetable page for a list of kickboxing class times.

Why Train Kickboxing?

People choose to train Kickboxing and Muay Thai because it’s a fun style balancing fitness and self defence. Training in our beginner kickboxing program, students will be introduced to the correct techniques of punching, kicking, blocking and movement. Beginner levels are non-contact, all techniques are practiced on pads and bags.

As a fitness workout the dynamic kickboxing movements incorporate the entire body, making it a great high-tempo fat burning form of exercise. When performed correctly, punching and kicking are very balanced movements which cause very little wear and tear on the body.

As students progress through our kickboxing program, they are eventually introduced to more intense fitness drills (like Thai pads) and light, tactical sparring. All sparring is performed with a full armor of pads - shin, knee, big gloves, mouth guards and often headgear. The aim of our intermediate sparring is not to bash or hurt an opponent, but to start to put some of the beginner skills into action while standing in front of an opponent. We emphasise defence and out smarting an opponent rather than overpowering them.

After learning the basic kickboxing skills of punching and kicking, students will also have the opportunity to learn more advanced Muay Thai techniques, which includes new variations on kicks, elbow and knee strikes and stand up grappling with an opponent.

Our Grading System

Double Dragon Muay Thai Kickboxing follows a 5 level graded curriculum. Each level increases in skill and techniques and also aims to educate about health and fitness. It allows students to progress at their own pace, learning real life self defence skills while taking their fitness to a new level. There is also a strength and mobility component to each level so students are challenged in many areas. There are many different paths a student can take in the kickboxing program. Students can train for competitions, train to become a kickboxing coach, or simply train for fun and fitness without the need for contact. The main objective is to enjoy training and get fitter faster, stronger and more confident.

Level 1

Basic motor skill development for boxing punches, footwork, leg kicks, front kicks and basic defences for all of these techniques. The enjoyable classes feature informative technique demonstrations, non-contact pad work to practice techniques and challenging cardio work to improve fitness. Generally a level 1 class would be structured with a warm up, skill development, cardio work on focus pads and kick pads, some bodyweight or medicine ball work to strengthen the core, then finish up with some stretching.

Level 2

Level 2 students are required to show improvement of their level 1 skills. Students will also be introduced to more advanced techniques including midsection kicks, catching kicks, switch kicks and combining punches and kicks. The basic skills to defend these techniques is also learnt at this stage. Muay Thai techniques will also be introduced to level two students, including knee strikes, elbows and Thai grappling principles. Students also learn correct way to hold pads to get the most out of their training partner. There is also a strength and mobility component which is primarily bodyweight exercises. This helps the coaches identify physical weaknesses or lack of flexibility so we can address it and avoid injuries.

Level 3

Students are again required to show improvement of all their previous techniques, to a level where they have a natural instinct when defending attacks and are comfortable, smart and relaxed in a mid-tempo sparring situation. Students should also show an understanding and practical application of Muay Thai grappling techniques, demonstrating the ability to off balance an opponent or neutralise an attack including awareness of elbow strikes (offensive and defensively). Completion of a strength and mobility component is also required.

Level 4

At this level students will start to develop coaching skills. There is an option to complete the level 1 N.S.W. National Coaching Accreditation scheme at this stage. Here students will need to manage a class and express their style; running drills for students and explaining the basic techniques to beginner students. Here students will need to show the ability to engage in some harder sparring. These advanced levels also require a level understanding of preparing a fighter for competition, incorporating strength, fitness conditioning, skill development, dieting / weight management & nutrition, weight cutting and psychological preparation. Passing a demanding strength and fitness challenge will be required which will take hard work and a good understanding of training techniques.

Level 5

The requirement of level 5 candidates would be an to complete level 2 of the N.S.W. Government National Coaching Accreditation Scheme, along with earning the respect of their mentors, training partners and students at the gym. Students should show ring craft, a confident ability in all techniques, and have developed their own style. These level 5 candidates would also need to show the ability to pass on knowledge to less experienced students.

A true level 5 graduate should be representing Double Dragon in their life; taking each day in their stride while encouraging & supporting friends, family and training partners. Be great be humble!

Kickboxing Progression Class

The kickboxing progression class aims at introducing practical kickboxing skills to students with a good grasp of the basics. This class is open to students who have graded level 1 and above, and will be introduced to light sparring drills and more intense fitness workouts. Shin pads, mouth guard and 16oz boxing gloves are mandatory.

Kickboxing Drills and Strategy

The drills and strategy class focuses on practical applications of kickboxing techniques. It is a very light introduction to sparring where students will learn how to defend attacks, counter attack and strategise your style. There will be no hard sparring in this class however students will need their full gear to partake; 160z. gloves, shin pads, groin guards and mouth guards.

Double Dragon and competitive kickboxing

Double Dragon has a long and successful history in competitive kickboxing. From the early days when head coach Mick Spinks was part of the beginning of kickboxing in Australia, we have had many State, National and World kickboxing champions. Head over to our History page to read the extended Double Dragon history, or check out our fighters in action image gallery.

Over the years Double Dragon has spawned some of Australia’s top kickboxing champions, including Grant ‘Bomber’ Barker, Peter Blumson, Ian Schaffa, Cameron Johnston, Mark Fenwick, Haden Frankenfield, Glen Middleton, Ali Atoui, Craig Ruddiman, Jaden Dempsey,Rowan Sangster and more recently Luke Thompson and Hugh O'Donnell. With this experience at the top level, we have fine tuned our kickboxing program to include the most effective skills, training drills and nutrition. We continue to train fighters, but also focus on passing these self defence skills on to beginners who don't plan to enter the competitive arena.