Boxing Skill and Fitness

Boxing is a popular style of stand up fighting using only the fists as weapons, and predominantly wearing boxing gloves.

Known as the ‘sweet science’ a good boxer will master the subtleties in punching technique, defence and footwork to create an efficient and powerful style. Boxing is also very popular for it’s fitness benefits, providing an intense cardio workout.

Boxing Skill and Fitness at Double Dragon

After years of seeing poorly executed ‘boxercise’ classes being performed by many gyms and trainers, we were disappointed that people were spending their time hitting pads learning little to no real boxing skills or self defence benefits. We were convinced that this didn’t need to be the case, so we designed the Boxing Skill and Fitness class, which aims to teach students correct boxing skills while also putting them through an intense fitness workout.

Our experienced coaches have spent years mastering the art of boxing, and will structure a class to teach footwork, various punching angles, defence options and drills to develop true boxing skills, which translate to very practical self defence skills. The instructor will then take the students through intense fitness based drills either on the pads, bags or using bodyweight, which aims at increasing the heart rate, burning fat and improving fitness.

We cater for all levels, from beginner to advanced boxer and any level of fitness.